Meet our Friends

The heroes who have helped us out a long the way:

Saylor Surkamp

Our resident artist.

St. Louis native like our guitarist. Fantastic up and coming artist and responsible for our EP cover (the first of many). Incidentally also the daughter of the legendary David Surkamp of Pavlov’s Dog (the band that put St. Louis on the map).

Van Cuong


We have Cuong to thank for far more touching photograph s than we can keep track of. An artistic photographer with extremely good feel (and we are picky about that). He has a great body of work worth checking out.


Our resident videographer

Whenever you really need him, he’s there. Benny has been our resident videographer for over a year now. We have him to thank for catching the special vibe of so many special shows for our memory book.


Road Crew King

Martin is king of our road-crew. When on the road, there is nothing more important than good vibes to keep you in shape for the next show. Martin is the king of combining those good vibes with professional, dedicated competence.

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